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We want to be your technical translation partner and in order to achieve our aim, 

we offer you a distinct set of advantages!

We want to be your trusted partner. We consider that it is our responsibility to contribute to our client’s success. We are committed to the following: 
  • We will analyse the Project and the customer’s individual needs so that we can provide a perfectly adequate service. 
  • We will provide an estimate, as accurate as possible based on the previous analysis so that we can provide the best quality/price ratio. 
  • In each case we will assign to the project the most highly qualified staff. 
  • We only employ translators whose mother-tongue is the target language into which the translation is made. 
  • We are committed to delivering a high quality translation before the deadline, subject to circumstances beyond our control. 
  • We guarantee the lowest price for each level of our service. 


We want you to be sure that we follow these commitments in order to retain your loyal custom. 

Secure FTP

If you have several files or a large amount of data 
and require an estimate, please use our Broadband FTP service which is easy to use for speedy and secure transfer of your data.

How to use the FTP
Ask for a Username
and a Password
for a dedicated connection.

Terms and conditions:

When requesting our services, the customer accepts, without any reservations, the  following terms and conditions:
   1. The customer declares and guarantees to Multilingues21 that the document, in any format, presented for translation to    
        Multilingues21, as well as the translation of the referred document accomplished by Multilingues21:
              i. it won't violate any author's or third parties’ rights nor any rights of intellectual property or other, nor of privacy;
             ii. it won't violate any law or regulation;
             iii. it won't contain virus or other programs harmful or noxious.
   2. The beginning of the translations will only take place after written adjudication by fax or letter, in the indicated terms by  
   3. Multilingues21 can refuse the requested service, by its exclusive choice.
   4.The customer agrees that won't make Multilingues21 responsible  for any violation resulting from the translation of the 
presented for translation, including any violation of author's rights or of other intellectual property or other property  
       rights. If Multilingues21 is sued by third parties because of the mentioned above, the customer will assure total cooperation in   
       Multilingues21 defense and will indemnify it of any expenses in that it incurs.
   5. Multilingues21 by all means works to supply translations and right information. Multilingues21 guarantees the quality of its  
       translations in its specialty areas and it takes the responsibility of correcting any errors in their translations until complete 
       customer's  satisfaction.  It doesn't accept any other responsibility for mistakes, omissions, or inconsistencies in the translations or  
       other supplied information.      


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