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We want to be your technical translation partner and in order to achieve our aim, 
we offer you a distinct set of advantages!

We offer a complete solution for written translations, in any area, of any volume, to any deadline, and of any complexity:

  • From press releases to contracts, budget books, proposals, scientific papers, technical manuals, prestige brochures, amongst others, we can execute all phases of the process: translation, revision and desktop publishing.
  • We translate 25 of the most widely spoken languages and we adopt procedures and standards and technology, that guarantee excellent quality translations.
  • We translate and localize software and websites in any of the languages with which we work.
  • Our service is customized and adapted to the needs of our clients:
  1. Standard service – includes translation and revision by translators specialized in the  target language. For internal or official use, competitions, proposals, and similar;
  2. Premium service – this is an extra-special revision, consisting of the perfect idiomatic translation for the specific purpose of the translation. This service is for paper publishing, book publishing, and prestige brochures, websites and similar.
  3. Express service – for urgent cases. 

We want you to be sure that we follow these commitments in order to retain you loyal custom.

Secure FTP

If you have several files or a large amount of data and require an estimate, please use our Broadband FTP service which is easy to use for speedy and secure transfer of your data.

How to use the FTP

Password: ftp64730

or ask for a dedicated connection.
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